Advising Schedule

Neuroscience (the Program formerly known as BBB) Advising Fall 2022

Student advising will be provided by appointment online and in-person. Advising will cover declaring the major or minor, major and minor requirements, research, course selection, as well as other questions that may arise. Students should use the links to make a 15-minute appointment with a Neuroscience advisor during their available hours. All times are shown in the Eastern time zone (Philadelphia). 


12-2pm with Dr. Kane online:

2pm-5pm with Dr. McLean: Neuroscience Office, 122 Levin,


10-11am with Dr. Heerding: Neuroscience Office, 122 Levin,

12-2pm with Dr. Kane: Neuroscience Office, 122 Levin,

3-4pm with Dr. McLean online:


10-12n with Dr. Kelly: Neuroscience Office, 122 Levin,

1-3pm with Dr. Heerding: Neuroscience Office, 122 Levin,


1-3pm with Dr. Heerding online:

8-10pm with Dr. Kaplan online: 


9-11am with Dr. Kelly online:  

12-2pm with Dr. Kaplan online: