Career Paths

In addition to M.D. and Ph.D programs, Neuroscience majors go on to a variety of career paths after graduation, from data analysts at major corporations and research coordinators at major universities and health centers to jobs in science publishing, journalism and education. A recent survey of Neuroscience majors, 5 years after graduation, has shown that many students go on to earn higher degrees.  Of those still in graduate/professional school, the degrees being pursued were as follows:

  • 38% M.D.
  • 28% Ph.D. 
  • 10% Master's degree 
  • 10% D.M.D. 
  • 7%   M.B.A.
  • 3%   V.M.D.
  • 3%   M.D./Ph.D. 

Of those who had graduated, 55% were employed as an M.D., 13% were employed as a J.D., 11% were employed as an M.P.H., 8% were employed with a Master's degree, and 3% each were employed with a D.M.D., M.S.W., M.B.A, Ed.M., and D.O.  Additional data about the career paths of Neuroscience majors can be found here beginning on page 13.