BBB Student Societies

BBB students may participate in the BBB Society or the Nu Rho Psi Honor Society. 

BBB Society

The BBB Society is made up of a group of Penn students interested in neuroscience and anyone may join.  The group organizes a variety of activities each year, including Movie Night, which features a movie highlighting a particular area of neuroscience along with a talk from a professor in that field which is centered on that area.  The BBB Society also hosts a course selection event, which allows underclassmen to ask their peers questions about specific courses, and sponsors a Coffeehouse fundraiser for Autism Speaks. 

Nu Rho Psi Honor Society

The Penn chapter of the Nu Rho Psi Honor Society is also very active.  Nu Rho Psi membership is restricted to neuroscience undergraduates with a high GPA and research experience.  Once approved, members are involved in community outreach projects, such as the Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair, and academic pursuits, such as research presentations on campus as well as at national meetings.