Neuroscience and Health Services Management Minor

The undergraduate Neuroscience Program and the Health Care Management Department of the Wharton School jointly sponsor this minor. The objective is to provide students with exposure to two related areas: study in neuroscience and behavioral biology, as a leading example of the bioscience enterprise, and health services management, as the environment in which science innovation must be developed and managed. The minor consists of eight courses, four from the Neuroscience Program (4cu) and four from Wharton (4cu). Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in courses taken to fulfill the minor requirements. Students must have a minimum of 8cu and 3cu of the courses that they count towards the minor may not towards any other major of minor.

The College requires that students take sixteen courses in the College beyond those that are in their major. Thus, Neuroscience majors declaring this University minor can count only 2 non-College credits within the 36 for the degree. These students must complete a total of 38 credits for their degree if no other non-College courses are taken.

Students interested in the minor should complete the Minor Application and save the file as "BHSM Minor [LastName]". Download Application for a Minor. Students should then contact Ms. June Kinney in the Health Care Systems Office at or in her office 205 Colonial Penn Center (3641 Locust Walk) for advising and signature before meeting with a Neuroscience advisor during advising hours.

Wharton Required Courses

HCMG 101, Health Care Systems, is a basic course and would ordinarily be taken first in the sequence of health management course (although it is not technically a prerequisite for other HCMG courses).

Three additional Wharton/HCMG courses

HCMG 202 The Economics and Financing of Health Care Delivery
HCMG 203 Clinical Issues in Health Care Management: Doctors, Patients, and Managers in Modern Society
HCMG 204 Comparative Health Care Systems
HCMG 213 Health Care Management and Strategy
HCMG 215 Management and Economics of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
HCMG 250 Health Policy: Health Care Reform and the Future of the American Health System
HCMG 352 Health Services Delivery: A Managerial Economic Approach
HCMG 357 Health Care Data and Analytics
HCMG 391 Special Topics: Health Care Entrepreneurship

Students may also take MBA level courses towards their three electives, providing they satisfy the necessary prerequisites and are admitted to the course. Note that seating is limited, and only courses with open seats will be available to non-MBA students. If the course is cross listed, they must take the UG section.

BBB Required Courses

BIBB 109 - Introduction to Brain and Behavior, is a prerequisite for all upper-division BBB courses and must be taken before additional BBB coursework.

Three additional BBB courses

Three Additional BIBB Courses: Any 3 additional BIBB courses