BBB Summer Research Internships

BBB is proud to announce the establishment of the S.P. Ramesh Term Fellowship for Neuroscience Research and the BBB Summer Fellowship for Neuroscience Research.  Alumni donations have made it possible to offer BBB majors only completing their sophomore or junior year the opportunity to conduct research in the laboratory of a Penn faculty member over the summer.  This internship allows BBB undergraduate students to focus solely on pursuing research over a 10-week period.  Students may be continuing research for which they have previously received BBB research credit, or may continue their summer research for credit in the Fall semester.

Student participants will receive a $3000 stipend and will be expected to work full-time in the laboratory during the 10-week internship.  As students will be expected to focus solely on their research, they may not be engaged in any other paid employment or internship during the 10-week internship period.  Subject to faculty member's approval, students may enroll in one course per summer term, provided it does not interfere with the needs of the project.  The exact dates that the student will work on their project will be determined in conjunction with the faculty member.

During the course of the summer, students will attend weekly research meetings with other undergraduate research students and will present their work at the end of the internship in an event open to the entire research community.

Students should contact prospective research advisors in the field of neuroscience well in advance of the February application deadline, to develop a research proposal.   Proposals should include the goal of the research, student responsibilities and research methods.

Supporting BBB Summer Research Internships

A distinguishing feature of the BBB major is the emphasis placed on encouraging students to become actively involved in hands-on, cutting-edge research, closely mentored by some of the most prominent scientists in the field.   

Each year more than 80 BBB majors participate in research projects, many of which lead to the students co-authoring (with their faculty advisor) articles in top scientific journals.

While students generally work in their respective laboratories during the academic year, the summer months provide a unique opportunity for highly motivated students to dedicate 100 percent of their time and focus on their research.  However for students with financial need, summer research may not be an option as it is unpaid in most cases. 

By supporting a BBB Summer Research Internship, Penn alumni and friends make it possible for all BBB majors, regardless of their financial circumstances, to dedicate themselves to full-time research during the crucial summer months leading up to their senior year. 

With a gift of $25,000 (payable over five years) donors may establish a named Summer Research Internship that will support one student per summer for three years.

A gift of $125,000 (payable over five years) will endow a named Summer Research Internship that will provide support for one student per summer into perpetuity.

Biological Basis of Behavior Fund

With the passing of Dr. Norman Adler, the founding director of the BBB program, we are working together with his family to create a fund in his memory. Our goal is to raise sufficient funds to create an endowed internship for undergraduate research in his name. If you would like to contrbute to this fund and learn more about Dr. Adler's astounding career and contributions to society, please click the following link