Transfer Credits

Transfer students interested in majoring in Neuroscience should take NRSC 1110/BBB 109, Introduction to Brain and Behavior, unless transfer credit for NRSC 1110/BIBB 109 has already been granted.

Students interested in attending other institutions may propose courses for Penn "Credit Away" through the XCAT system and must include a detailed syllabus for the proposed course.  Students are encouraged to do so before registering for courses.  Students should identify the Penn course that is most similar to the course under consideration at the abroad institution and submit their XCAT request to the Penn department offering that course.  Neurobiology courses that do not have a matching course at Penn may be considered for a “NRSC/BIBB Free” credit which can be used towards the major elective requirements.  Penn students cannot be granted NRSC/BIBB transfer credit for any course taken at a two-year college.