Undergraduate Neuroscience Program Advising

Advising is meant to help student declare their major, but not less importantly to help students plan their schedule.


Each student should prepare a Penn-In-Touch worksheet and then meet with their assigned Academic (pre-major) Advisor to have the worksheet made official.  This step is critical because the Neuroscience Program office cannot declare students until their Academic Advisor approves this worksheet.


Once the Academic Advisor has made the student’s worksheet official, the student should meet with a Neuroscience advisor who will assist the student in planning his/her major coursework. The advisors will approve the plan online.

Each student will be required to meet with a Neuroscience Advisor prior to Advance Registration in the spring of their junior year. Notification will be sent to each declared major by the end of February.  The Neuroscience program provides advising daily to assist majors with course selection, major requirements and independent research.  It is recommended that Neuroscience majors consult with an advisor at least once a year.  Students may also meet with the Program Director to discuss specific issues.

Neuroscience students who are considering health professional schools after graduation should also review the courses required for admission. More information can be found at http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerservices/gradprof/healthprof/.