2024 Honors Thesis Projects

2024 Honors Thesis Projects

Michelle An

Neuroimmune Consequences of Early Life Opioid Exposure and Withdrawal

Julie Blendy, Pharmacology, Neuroscience


Aaron Anandarajah

Temporal Analysis of Traumatic Brain Injury

Ramon Diaz- Arrastia, Penn Neurology


Tynia Baker

Characterizing Microglia in 22q.11.2 Macro Deletion

Stewart Anderson, Psychiatry


James Bianchi

Contributions of a Hindbrain Circuit to Learning

Nick Betley, Biology


Emma Boockvar

Association Between Childhood Lead Exposure and Suicidal Behavior

Ran Barzilay, Psychiatry


Ryan Burns

GLP1R Activation and Modulation of Food and Drug-Seeking Behavior with Cues

Amber Alhadeff, Neuroscience


Jerry Cai

Measuring offset from different calibration protocols for optical trackers

Iahn Cajigas, Neurosurgery


Stephanie Chen

Clinical Validation of Impulse Control Disorder Risk Score in Parkinson’s

Thomas Tropea, Neurology


Richard Chen

Investigating the Tau Fibrillization in  Human Tau Seeded RT-RuiC System

Hong Xu, Pathology


Melody Cheng

Disynaptic Feed-Forward Inhibition in a Novel Mouse Model of KCNC1 Epilepsy

Ethan Goldberg, Neurology and Neuroscience


Daniel Dai

Towards a Better Understanding of Granulovacuolar Degeneration in Alzheimer’s Disease And Related Tauopathies

Virginia Lee, Pathology


Ipsita Das

Assessing EEG and spectral analysis in intraoperative monitoring

Michael McGarvey, Neurology


Jake Do

The Effect of Dimethyl Fumarate on a Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Mouse Model

Delia Talos, Neurology


Jang Elliot

Targeting Endogenous Tau in Human Tau Seeded Tauopathy Models Inhibits Tau Spread

Virginia Lee, Pathology


Kristine Enemuo

The neural correlates of curiosity in children

Allyson Mackey, Psychology


Om Gandhi

Perturbing MYCN-Driven Polyamine Synthesis to Promote Immunotherapy in High-Risk


Michael Hogarty, Professor of Pediatrics


Alexander Gerlach

Mitochondrial Turnover in Retinal Neurodegeneration and SIRT1-based Therapy

Kenneth Shindler, Ophthalmology


Nicholas Hanchak

Modulation of reward-seeking behavior via GLP1R hindbrain neurons

Amber Alhadeff, Neuroscience


Stephanie Hanchak

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Social Functioning in Autistic Adults

Edward Brodkin, Psychiatry


Chloe Hassman

Role of Engram Activation in Remote Memory Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease

Frances Jensen, Neurology


Kayla Holloway

COVID-19's impact on the neurological development of toddlers

Wanjiku Njoroge, Adolescent Psychiatry 


Peter Hong

Using Bereitschaftspotentials to Explore Motor Planning in Learned Non-Use

Michelle Johnson, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Katie Huynh

Neuromodulation of Deep-Brain Circuits via TMS/fMRI in Affective Disorders

Desmond Oathes, Psychiatry


Anooshey Ikhlas

Exploring the Tears: Studying Infant Cries

Julia Parish-Morris, Psychology and Center for Autism Research


Elliot Jang

Targeting Endogenous Tau in Human Tau Seeded Tauopathy Models Inhibits Tau Spread

Virginia Lee, Pathology


Anish Kammila

An Investigation of the Cellular-Signaling Pathways Underlying Multiple Sclerosis

Pathogenesis Caused by Epstein-Barr Virus

Erle Robertson, Department of Microbiology


Eashwar Kantemneni

Examining Possible Underlying Sex Differences in Brain Structure on Concussion Outcome

Douglas Smith, Neurosurgery


Dana Karson

Analyzing Phenotypes of Individuals with Neurexin-1a Variants

Maja Bucan, Genetics


Trinity Kellarakos

Assessing Visual Discrimination in Tree Shrews (Tupaia Belangeri)

Michael Arcaro, Psychology


Paige Kenton

The Effect of Ketone Supplementation/Ketogenic Diet on Alcohol Metabolism

Corinde Wiers, Psychiatry


Hayle Kim

Identifying the Molecular Basis of Sleep Maturation

Matthew Kayser, Psychiatry


Lynne Kim

The effect of prenatal hypoxia exposure on synaptic ultrastructure and density in juvenile mice

Ana Cristancho, Neurology


Shirley Li

Evaluation of the Impacts of Graffiti Murals in Philadelphia 

Anjan Chatterjee, Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics


Michelle Li

Investigating the Role of Trigeminal Activation in Odor Localization

Kevin Bolding, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Bridget Loja Patino

Classification of Microglial Morphologies in FTLD through Machine Learning

David Irwin, Neurology


Jessica Lvov

Exploring the role of Srcasm in memory, motor function and behavior

John Seykora, Dermatology


Colin Ly

A DREADD-Mediated Model of LC Activity in Neurodegeneration of hAPP Mice

Sigrid Veasey, Sleep and Circadian Biology


Jan Magielski

Neurogenetics of speech disorders: genomics and computational approaches

Ingo Helbig, Neurology and Pediatrics


Daniel Markman

Are the Subjective Effects of Ketamine needed for its Antidepressant Effects?

Joseph Cichon, Anesthesiology


Lily Martin

Effect of TMEM175 mutations on other PD-implicated genes 

Dejian Ren, Biology


Nadia Ngom

Activation of mu-opioid receptors in the PVT following stress

Julie Blendy, Pharmacology


Julu Nwaezeapu

Modeling Non-24 Sleep Dynamics in Julia

Ron Anafi, Sleep and Circadian Biology


Peace Oloko

Investigating mechanisms of HSP27 phosphorylation following lysosomal damage

Erika Holzbaur, Physiology 


Sumiya Olson

Unraveling the Molecular Mechanisms of Rett Syndrome: Targeting the Molecular Property of MeCP2 for Therapeutic Interventions

Zhaolan (Joe) Zhou, Genetics


Sakshi Parikh

Orexins Regulate Sex and Age Differences in the Stress Response

Seema Bhatnagar, Anesthesiology


Ronit Patel

Development of a 3-D microtissue model to study neuroinflammatory responses

Daniel Cullen, Neurosurgery


Sarah Pham

Assessing mechanisms of brain malformation in a stem cell-derived model 

Ethan Goldberg, Neurology & Neuroscience


Thrusha Puttaraju

Liquid Biopsy for Early Detection of Glioblastoma

Erica Carpenter, Hematology Oncology


Thrusha Puttaraju

Clinical Utility of Liquid Biopsy for the Early Detection of Tumor Detectors in Neuroblastoma

Melinda Yin, Hematology Oncology


Gad Eleazar Raganas

Assessing the Landscape of Genotype-Phenotype Associations in Familial Epilepsies

Ingo Helbig, Neurology


Lukas Richie

Optogenetic stimulation of the dm/cVMH after strenuous activity on the metabolic benefits of exercise

Nick Betley, Biology


Nicholas Sathi

Cortical Phenotype of Human Forebrain Organoids Grafted in Rat Motor Cortex

Han-Chiao Isaac Chen, Neurosurgery


Alisha Shetty

Effect of Light Disruption on Circadian Pacemaker in IAV-infected Host

Shaon Sengupta, Perelman School of Medicine


Alexis Singer

Physical Activity and Cognitive Health in the Older Latinx Population

Adriana Perez, Penn Nursing


Avinash Singh

Alternative splicing in EIF2AK3 transcripts in excitotoxic and ER stress

Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, Biomedical Graduate Studies


Jamaal Spence

Predictive Markers of Effort Expenditure during Dynamic Goal Evaluation

Joseph Kable, Psychology


Ashil Srivastava

Modulating Working Memory with Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation: Pilot Study for tACS as a Treatment for Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Roy Hamilton, Neurology


Lauren St. Louis

Intranasal Dantrolene Nanoparticles to Treat Major Depressive Disorder 

Huafeng Wei, Anesthesiology


Talia Stern

Contributions of Motivation to Competitive and Cooperative Decision-Making

Michael Platt, Perelman School of Medicine


Pranav Thokachichu

Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Olfactory Brain Regions Using MRI

Ruben Gur, Psychiatry


Wenxin Tu

Investigating the role of BLA-DMS projection in positive and negative reinforcement 

Marc Fuccillo, Neuroscience 


Syraj Uddin

Food Preference in B6 Mice Based on Neural Mechanism and Body Composition Analysis Following Exercise

Nicholas Betley, Biology


Sindhuja Uppuluri

The Role of Environment and GxE Interactions in Substance Use Disorder Risk

Rachel Kember, Psychiatry


Himanshi Verma

Brain Injury Markers for Acute and Long-Term Cognitive Impairment in Septic Patients

Nuala Meyer, Medicine


Aravind Viswanathan

Microglia Transduction Resistance and the STING Pathway

Guo-Li Ming, Neuroscience


Elise Wallen-Friedman

Subanesthetic ketamine and pattern separation in a Dravet Syndrome mouse model

Amelia Eisch, Anesthesiology


Devora Weintraub

Cell-Specific Mitochondrial Response to Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

Todd Kilbaugh, Anesthesiology


Frederique Wollaert

The role of CSF orexin in insomnia and sleep stages 

Philip Gehrman, Psychiatry and Penn Sleep Center

Xandro Xu

Examining Eco-Anxiety from a Cognitive-Neurological Lens

Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Nursing


Lis Zandbergen

Elucidating the relationships among ASD traits, sleep, & physical activity

Edward Brodkin, Penn Psychiatry


Nathan Zhang

Investigating Auditory Striatum in Behaviorally Relevant Sensory Filtering

Fuccillo Marc, Neuroscience


Yanjie Zhang

Interneuron Effects on CDD Mouse Models Lacking Spontaneous Seizures

Zhou Zhaolan, Genetics


Roland Zhang

Effect  of  Dantrolene  and  Lithium  Chloride on Mitochondrial and Cytosolic Calcium Levels as Prospective Neuroprotection in Alzheimer’s  Disease

Huafeng Wei, Penn Med


Liliann Zou

Neuromuscular activation of the triceps surae in Achilles tendinopathy

Josh Baxter, Orthopaedic Surgery