Understanding Persistent Postconcussion Syndrome

Recent work by Penn graduate Eric Teichner (BIBB, 2020) stands to significantly advance our understanding and treatment of persistent postconcussion syndrome (PCS), as describ

The BBB Program Engages with the West Philadelphia Community

The BBB Program Engages with the West Philadelphia Community

The BBB program provides opportunities for students to engage with the local community while honing their scientific communication skills.

BBB Student Research

Student Research

We continue to celebrate our students’ research accomplishments at the annual BBB Student Research Symposium.

BBB New Lab Courses

The BBB Program Unveiled Two Lab Courses in 2019

To provide technical skills and deeper knowledge of neuroscience research, the BBB program is developing a set of “lab courses.”

Dorothy Cheney

Dorothy Cheney Passing

Dr. Cheney was an inspirational researcher, and her teaching was a true asset to the BBB program.

BBB Space in Levin Building

BBB Space in Levin Building

A new building and renovations support teaching and learning for BBB students.

BBB Spotlight

New Faculty for the BBB Program

The Biology and Psychology Departments have hired new faculty to support BBB education.

Lori Flanagan-Cato

Director's Corner

A new name for the major and our ever-strengthening programs.