PENN Neuroscience Society

Mar 10, 2024
Penn Neuroscience Society with Dr. Virginia Lee

Penn Neuroscience Society (PNS), University of Pennsylvania’s premier neuroscience student organization on campus provides a dynamic community for students interested in brain and behavior. Built upon the intrinsic interdisciplinary nature of neuroscience itself, PNS welcomes students of all majors and backgrounds and allows individuals to find their niche within the subject. Through inviting physicians to highlight their careers and hosting speakers from various disciplines, PNS members are able to form stronger connections within Penn’s Neuroscience community.

The lifeblood of our organization lies within our three committees: Research Committee, Journal Committee, and Consulting Committee. Members of each committee meet weekly to plan and provide exciting opportunities and events for our members.  This past year, PNS held sponsored an exciting Research Exposition, including a keynote address by esteemed Alzheimer’s Disease researcher Dr. Virginia Lee. Spring of 2023 also included the inaugural publication of the Penn Neuroscience Society Journal. 
Equally important to the organization is a dedication to service and supporting the Philadelphia community. Every year our numerous fundraisers raise money for our partner charity, The Parkinson’s Council. PNS works directly with the Parkinson’s Council to hold several events, including an art exhibition for Parkinson’s patients’ artwork and volunteering with the annual Parkinson’s Walk. Furthermore, PNS’s consulting committee is dedicated to providing non-profit work to support local small businesses and charities.