Sample Schedule

Neuroscience majors are encouraged to take NRSC 1110, Introduction to Brain and Behavior, during their freshman year.  There are no pre-requisites for NRSC 1110 but it is required that students complete the class before moving on to additional NRSC coursework.  Students considering majors in Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology, Anthropology, Criminology, Cognitive Science, Health and Societies or Visual Studies should be aware that NRSC 1110 may be counted towards each of those majors, making it an ideal course for freshmen who are still considering a variety of majors.  Additionally, NRSC 1110 fulfills the Living World Sector requirement.

Freshman Year

Fall: NRSC 1110, BIOL 1101, Writing Course, Foreign Language (if necessary)

Spring: BIOL 1102, MATH 1400, Sector Requirement, Foundational Requirement

Sophomore Year

Fall:  2000-level NRSC elective*, Chemistry 1011/1101, Physics 0101, Foundational Requirement

Spring:  2000-level NRSC elective*, Chemistry 1021/1102, Physics 0102, Sector Requirement

Junior Year

Fall:  NRSC 2110, NRSC 3999, Chemistry 2410, Statistics

Spring:  NRSC 4999, Chemistry 2421, Sector Requirement, elective course

Senior Year

Fall: 4000-level NRSC elective#, Sector Requirement, elective course, elective course

Spring: NRSC elective, elective course, elective course, elective course

*Students are encouraged to complete their 2000-level courses in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience during their sophomore year. It should be noted that each course is not offered every semester. Students should choose their Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience courses based on content and adjust their schedules accordingly.

#NRSC 4000-level courses are generally each offered during only one semester of each academic year. Therefore, students should choose a 4000-level elective that complements their independent research and adjust their schedules to accommodate the chosen seminar course.